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Midland School fourth graders bring joy to Rye’s popular Bread of Life pantry

By Liz Leamy

Last Monday, a lively group of fourth graders from Midland School in Rye made a memorable mark with their participation at the Bread of Life pantry, bringing terrific enthusiasm, energy and joy to the dynamic environment there.

This buoyant group was comprised of 16 fourth-grade students who found their way to the pantry thanks to Stephanie Lauro, their dedicated teacher as part of a week-long Service Week effort Midland School hosts in tandem with various non-profit organizations in and around Rye each year.

“One of the selections of Service Week at the Midland School is for students to participate in the Bread of Life pantry and the children have all been really enjoying themselves here today,” said Lauro, whose daughter, Sophia, a fifth grader at Davenport Ridge Elementary School in Stamford, was also part of this contingent, along with parents of several of Midland School students as well. “It is a school wide community effort and something, for us, that is everything.”

Lauro, who has been bringing her fourth-grade classes from Midland School to the Bread of Life pantry for eight years running, spoke on how vital an experience this is for the children because it shows the importance of helping others and giving back to those individuals in and around the community.

“Whenever we come here, there’s an intrinsic thing that happens. The kids, parents and everyone are part of this amazing effort to help others and it makes you feel like you’re making a difference,” said Lauro. “It’s so important to give back and the people of Rye are all about that. Rye is such a strong and clos