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Our Family of Volunteers

Mitch Krapes: On your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Mitch, a longtime Rye resident, directs traffic on Rye pantry days. He has an awesome sense of humor and is a source of entertainment for pantry clients and volunteers alike- a big change from  his years spent as a government services attorney!  Mitch began volunteering in 2021. “I was looking for things to do where I could give back and then read an article about the Bread of Life being featured on NBC's George to the Rescue in the Rye Record newspaper. Ever since I joined, it’s been tremendous. The mission of the Bread of Life is vital and everyone involved with the group is great, especially Sherri and Pasquale. It’s a wonderful group of people who never lose sight of the mission,” said Mitch. “It’s a friendly group and it’s easy to feel welcome at the pantry. That’s the spirit of the Bread of Life.” Mitch also helps Pastor Pasquale with the food rescue.“I go out in the truck with Pasquale to help pick up the food and deliver it and have learned so much from him,” said Mitch. “I really enjoy it. Pasquale is so dedicated and works hard to make sure everyone is taken care of and has helped build the Bread of Life into what it is. We’ve also become good friends and we have a lot of great times together."

Diana Gitig: Feeding the one in Front of You

Diana, a White Plains resident, has been volunteering for over 7 years. She wanted to find a way for she and her 3 children to give back in the area of hunger. Diana is a treasured member of the Bread of LIfe family, helping wherever she is needed most, whether it is putting together bags of frozen meat or lugging pantry bags up and down the stairs. She is an incredible team player with a heart for service. Diana said that she has been  impacted by Pastor Pasquale’s passion to help those that are struggling with food insecurity. "We can’t feed every hungry person but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help those who are in front of us," says Diana. As she steps out to feed others she is reminded of a childhood song and ancient Hebrew writing that says “ It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it.”  Diana takes her duty to serve her neighbor very seriously and has modeled this to her family.  Her husband and children have all volunteered throughout the years. We are incredibly grateful for Diana. 

Kristina Spinola: Always a Smile!

Kristina , a longtime Rye resident, is our pantry supervisor. 

As the mother of two sons, Kristina got involved with the Bread of Life  when her elder son, Alex, wanted to do community service. "It is wonderful work that they do and to be part of it is great,” said Kristina, “There’s so much good everyone is doing through the Bread of Life pantry and it’s all about giving back.” Kristina, worked as a preschool teacher for many years. Now she uses her nurturing skills to love both the volunteers and the Bread of Life food recipients well. Kristina noted the vital role the Bread of Life plays as it is responsible for helping so many people. "The Bread of Life reaches out to a lot of different people and the gratitude among everyone is amazing there,” said Kristina. “There’s also prayer that’s offered, which is so great.”

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