Healing the Nations Through the Love of God


KrisLG Volunteer 01/10/2017

I discovered the Bread of Life while researching opportunities for a pre-teen volunteer group for girls. By far volunteering at the Bread of Life has been our most rewarding and enriching experience. Pastors Pat and Sherri are wonderful role models. Their dedication and efforts to make food available to those in need is awe-inspiring! They always have a smile on their faces and a kind word to say that makes those helping or receiving food feel truly wonderful. It has been a privilege to work alongside them and try to make a difference . The Bread of Life is an amazing endeavor, which has definitely had amazing results! Kris. G.

dmgitig Volunteer 01/09/2017


I had been looking for someplace food related to volunteer my time and had trouble finding anything. Much searching and many referrals finally led me to Bread of Life, and I am so thrilled that they did. It is well run, well organized, such a fun and pleasant place to be, and extremely impactful in the community. 


suzanneshort Volunteer 01/09/2017


I was originally introduced to Bread of Life as an initiative at the school where I work, but that first exposure to the group really pulled me in. The people who run the organization are remarkably dedicated to making a difference in the world. Since my first meeting with them, I have continued to go back to serve dinners to those in need, and I bring my 8 and 10 year old boys to package food from time to time as well. These are amazing people who do amazing things every day.
Suzanne Short


LPDF Volunteer 01/08/2017


This is a wonderful organization run by fabulous people working to feed the hungry in Westchester county. These fine people are feeding over 12,000 people a week!


ShellyMM Volunteer 01/08/2017   

My family was looking for a chance to give back to our community and help those in need. When searching for an opportunity, Bread for Life came up in our search. We helped out at Bread for Life on Sunday's packing food bags that the organization will then distribute to those in need of help with groceries. The volunteer coordinator was an excellent communicator and made it very easy to volunteer. She recently added a "sign-up genius" account to make it even simpler to sign up. On site, the pastor who organizes the actual food pantry was extremely kind, helpful and appreciative of our efforts. It is remarkable how much time, effort, "sweat", planning and thought goes into this organization and their sincere genuine efforts to take care of those in their community. Kudos to Bread for Life!!!!


Zenvio Volunteer 01/08/2017

"Bread of life" is a wonderful, caring, and hard working nonprofit run by a pastor and his family.  

I had been lucky to find this nonprofit, when I was looking to give back and help on a different level. I feel grateful to be a part of this group who really gives their hearts and soul everyday to help the ones in needs: collecting foods and donations , running food and cash drives, preparing bags of food, organizing soup kitchens, delivering food amongst others tasks this group takes care of on a daily basis. They give freely and endlessly.

Their love and support inspire us all to give back more. If one is looking to give some time to help others, feel free to join this nonprofit. This nonprofit is always looking for extra hands and us volunteers have also become friends as well. 

An authentic nonprofit touching the lives of everyone it encounters. 

Thank you


pattypat Volunteer 01/07/2017

Where do i begin, I can start by saying i've always had a desire to help other's, God put's these desire's in our Heart's..There's such Joy to see some one's face after feeding them, or handing them a few bag's of food, or even giving them cloth's..God know's my Heart's desire is to be happy at Heart and The Bread of Life has done that in my Life..The Joy that enter's my Heart to be part of an organazation that feed's over 12,000 people a week, to be involved hand's on, the word that fit's the best is WOW!!!!! Has made a difference in my Life..Thank God for allowing me to serve you....IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carolina Falco