Impacting Hunger

Bread of Life is a 501c3 not for-profit corporation which feeds thousands weekly in Westchester County, New York where 1 in 5 is hungry. Our goal is to ensure no one, especially children, seniors, and the most vulnerable members of our community ever experiences hunger or food insecurity.

Saving Lives

Our team partners with local businesses, churches and government agencies to serve as a bridge to unite supply and demand. Bread of Life receives its food supplies from various sources, but one unique source is donations by local businesses of excess food that would otherwise be discarded as waste.  Our team gets this food into the hands of those who are hungry. Bread of Life’s beneficiaries are physically hungry, but they also need assurance that their lives matter. Bread of Life does not simply bring food to the hungry, but also the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Creating Community

Bread of Life’s impact on hunger is due to the generosity of our financial donors, food donors, and the dedication of our volunteers.

Caring for our Environment

In the US, 40% of edible food is discarded each year. Bread of Life rescues thousands of pounds of this food and delivers it into the hands of the hungry, alleviating hunger while caring for our environment by reducing waste.

Partner with Us!

Tax-deductible financial donations may be made online at or by mail to:

Bread of Life

65 Orchard Avenue,

Rye, New York 10580.

Volunteer opportunities are posted on our website or arranged by emailing

Food Donations may be arranged by calling Pastor Pasquale at 914-602-9783 or by emailing

Together we can solve the problem of hunger in New York.

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