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100 Days and 100 Ways to Fight Hunger!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The 100th day of school is widely celebrated in elementary schools as a fun milestone for the school year. Lessons and activities are prepared to commemorate the day. Students might be challenged to write 100 words, count to 100, sing songs about 100 or bring in 100 items of something to share with their classmates. This year Milton School Kindergarten classes celebrated the special day by inviting Sue Wexler, from the Bread of Life to teach the students about hunger in our community. These wonderful students collected 100 boxes of cereal and then donated them to the Bread of Life, to help those that are struggling with food insecurity in their community. They are learning at a young age that it is possible to have fun while help others. Prior to donating the cereal students played a giant game of cereal dominoes!

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