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A Shout Out to our Bread of Life Intern!

One of the most rewarding things we are privileged to do at the Bread of Life is to partner with the next generation and sow into their future. We have been fortunate to have many teenagers enter through our doors to serve those in need in our community. Often they arrive because they need community service hours and “do their time” and move on. However, sometimes we are blessed to find a gem like our current Rye High School intern Alex Spinola. He began volunteering with us a couple of years ago because he was forced by his mom, to quote Alex “ I grumbled about waking up early on a Saturday morning in the blaring heat to do what I thought would be boring and useless chores”. However, he quickly realized that he loved volunteering with us and ensuring that those who were struggling with hunger got the food they needed. He actually became an important member of our team during the pandemic and was recognized as our Ambassador of Hope.

We were thrilled when Alex approached us about becoming our RHS intern at the end of his senior year. He started his internship with the Bread of Life in May and to say that Alex has gone above and beyond what is required of him is an understatement. His attitude is incredibly contagious! He is positive and always willing to do anything that is needed, no task is too small or beneath him. He happily lugs heavy cases of fresh produce up and down the pantry stairs, sets up for pantry days, and feeds those who are hungry. During this internship, his efforts with food rescue have been remarkable!! Whether he was accompanying one of our team in the Bread of Life van or utilizing his own vehicle to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste he truly has made such a difference in the work we do.

It has been a joy to watch Alex grow into a wonderful man of compassion and integrity. He approaches each job with a can-do attitude and demonstrates kindness to everyone he encounters whether they are food recipients, other volunteers, or one of our food donation partners. One of our core volunteers, who works with Alex on a regular basis said “ He is a Godsend” and we couldn’t agree more. He has been such a blessing and we will miss him terribly when he goes off to college next year!

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