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God our Provider

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

In the aftermath of hurricane Ida, we received a generous donation from our local Rye Firefighters who already do so much for our community. We honor these courageous people who step out on a daily basis to help others. We feel so blessed by you all. Thank you is simply not enough.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “How do you do it?” The answer to that question actually resides in the answer to the question of “Why we do what we do.” We believe that faith looks like something. In other words, it should be tangible, visible, manifested in action.

We believe that God is love and that love should be seen in the lives of those who believe in Jesus. That, in a word, is why we feed the hungry, clothe those who are in need, and stop for the one who is hurting. Our faith also extends, not only to the mission, but also to the vision, which includes the provision of God. God, out of his love, is always faithful to provide for those in need. His provision often comes through those with amazing hearts.

We would like to honor the generosity of the local Rye Firefighters who are, not only courageous on behalf of others, but also kind, compassionate, and giving.

Truly you are heroes who go above and beyond. Thank you!

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