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Dear Karen with Love

I recently became aware of the term, Karen, which has, in recent years, become a widespread meme referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman, whose behavior is obnoxious, angry, entitled, and who often acts as a self-appointed watchdog to police other people’s behaviors and insists on getting her own way.

I am certainly behind the times as I had never heard the term before very recently. Most of us, however, have had an experience with a Karen which undoubtedly left a lasting impression. Perhaps, that experience left us thinking that the world would be a much better place without them. I am truly saddened by the bullying and public shaming perpetrated on others by the Karens of this world. Their actions divide, hurt, and belittle. But a Karen-less world is not the answer.

The answer is much simpler and it is an answer that simply never fails-- LOVE. There is an incomparably great healing power in unconditional LOVE. Interestingly, the original meaning of the name Karen is “pure,” which is the exact opposite of the modern meme. Maybe Karen–like all of the rest of us–just needs to be loved by others and know she is loved by God?

Dear Karen,

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
Therefore, with lovingkindness I have drawn you. (Jeremiah 31:3 NKJV)

Love, your Dad
Almighty God

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