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George to the Rescue Shines Bright Light on the Bread of Life.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

by Liz Leamy

This past spring, it was truly memorable to watch the Giving Tree Global (Bread of Life) team as they worked in tandem with the Emmy Award-winning show, George to the Rescue as the show’s amiable star, George Oliphant, came in with his crew to restore the Bread of Life food pantry on Orchard Avenue--an experience that generated incredible results and wonderful memories on all fronts!

Initially, when I first learned George to the Rescue, the top-rated NBC show known for renovating homes and work spaces for individuals and organizations who have dedicated their lives to helping others all over the U.S. had selected the Rye-based Bread of Life pantry for an episode, I was excited, but really didn’t know what to expect.

Big Changes thanks to George to the Rescue

Right from the start, it was clear big things were happening when I showed up on a Monday morning in early May to help assist Pastor Sherri Falco, founder of the Bread of Life organization, and her dedicated team with their bi-weekly pantry at 65 Orchard Avenue.

This initiative, one in which hundreds of individuals are provided with food, clothing and most importantly, prayer, support and encouragement from Sherri and her husband, Pasquale, a pastor who also helps run and operate the Bread of Life, along with their organizers and volunteers, is always a great and inspirational experience.

On this particular day, while working in and around the Bread of Life’s busy tented area helping to organize and pass out dry goods, vegetables, fruit and meat, the hustle and bustle of the George to the Rescue camera people, contractors and designers at the Bread of Life’s Orchard Avenue site made this already hopping environment even livelier than usual.

It was particularly interesting to see George Oliphant work in super-focused fashion as he could constantly be seen chatting up his television crew members, designers and contractors to make sure the plans in regard to the redesign of the basement pantry (where all the food and other items donated to the Bread of Life organization are stored and kept) would be executed and carried out in optimal fashion.

For Sherri Falco, the committed, generous and benevolent pastor who serves as the acting head and engine behind the Bread of Life organization (in conjunction with Pasquale), being involved with George Oliphant and the whole George to the Rescue operation was incredible in every way, especially when both groups were at the pantry site together.

“Some of my favorite moments were on pantry days when there was a seamless intermixing of camera crew, plumbers, carpenters and food recipients,” said Sherri Falco. “All of the activity, encounters and opportunities to meet new people and touch their lives had the effect of making our lives so much richer.”

Since its establishment in 2013, Bread of Life has played a major role in combating hunger in southern Westchester County. This is due to the Herculean efforts of the Falcos, Sue Wexler, the organization’s Director of Community Outreach, their dedicated crew of volunteers, and the generosity of their food and financial donors. The Bread of Life team and their partners provide thousands of individuals with food and clothing assistance on a monthly basis.

George Oliphant Gives Big Cheers to the Giving Tree Global- Bread of Life Organization

For Oliphant, it was a memorable and moving experience to have been involved with the Bread of Life team and its directors.

“This is a wonderful organization. I just had such a great time,” said Oliphant. “Sherri and Pasquale are so terrific, as is Sue Wexler. They are all truly about goodness and the idea of thinking globally and acting locally.”

For Sue Wexler, a longtime Rye resident who has also served a major role in the success of the Bread of Life, Oliphant’s efforts signify a new and exciting chapter of promise and hope for the organization.

“This represents more than just [an incredible] renovation for the Bread of Life, it signifies the start of a whole new and exciting chapter for us,” said Sue Wexler. “The dedication of George and his crew and seeing the involvement of everyone in the community here with this endeavor has been so moving and inspirational. You can really see the power of God working.”

Certainly, the excitement and hope due to this experience seemed to be felt among so many, especially Oliphant and his crew.

“Sherri is awesome. She is the salt of the earth and is the inspiration and motor behind the whole organization,” said Oliphant. “She is a force to be reckoned with.”

Oliphant, who said he is hoping to return again to the Bread of Life to participate in a pantry effort if he is in the Rye area, also lauded the efforts of Pasquale Falco, who drives around every single day picking up and dropping off food to individuals as well as area food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

“I would love to go for a ride with Pasquale,” said Oliphant. “He’s such a great guy.”

Oliphant also elaborated on the high-charged and upbeat atmosphere at the Bread of Life pantry.

“I loved going there on pantry days. It’s a real strong community there and there is such a bond among everyone,” said Oliphant. “I love that energy of people working together to help someone else. It’s all about a greater need for a greater good.”

Renovation another Vital Step forward for the Bread of Life

This nearly month-long endeavor was quite something that was especially cool to watch from the sidelines.

As someone who has been involved with the Bread of Life for nearly 10 years, I was thrilled for the Falcos, Wexler and the whole organization, as this whole renovation took place.

At the start, it was exciting to see the blue George to the Rescue official truck (painted with the show’s logo on the side doors) as well as some of the show’s vans parked in front of the Orchard Avenue locale, indicating big stuff was happening.

Meanwhile, all the time Oliphant and his contractors and designers were working, the Falcos were not permitted to see the pantry until the entire project was completed so as to make the big ‘reveal’ moment a real surprise for everyone.

“It was so moving to see Sherri and Pasquale’s reaction,” said Oliphant, who credited Sarah Touijer of Rye-based Toujier Designs who was the designer of the project and Damien Amodeo of Amodeo Contracting Inc, its contractor, for their tremendous effort and skills. “It’s all about taking action to make things better and to put smiles on people’s faces.”