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Using “ Sweet” Talents to help those struggling with Food Insecurity!

Paulina Tepan, a local high school student is the owner of Sw33t Brand, a home based baking business where she creates healthy and delicious treats using no added sugar or flour. Paulina is now graciously sharing her baked goods with our food insecure neighbors by donating delicious treats to the Bread of Life for distribution.

Paulina has been baking delicious treats the past few Sunday evenings and then delivers her beautifully packaged, tasty works of art to the pantry early Monday morning on the way to school.

They have been a big hit at the pantry!

It is so wonderful to see a young person in our community share her passion in a lovely way that benefits others!

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful business, please look up

Sw33tbrand on Instagram

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