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A Young Mother’s Cry for Help

Food, clothing and shelter are the three most basic necessities for survival.  Unfortunately, there are families in our community who do not know where their next meal is coming from, do not have clothing for their children, or even a warm bed in which to sleep. 

The people we help at the Bread of Life, are not nameless and faceless. They are real men, women, and children. They are your neighbors, your child’s classmates, perhaps even your friends. Each one has a story. One of these stories belongs to a desperate mother named Anna. Anna managed to escape a life-threatening situation with her young child, taking nothing with her but the clothes on her back. 

Recently, Anna and her child have moved into our community. Fortunately they have been able to find shelter, but Anna’s situation remains desperate. With no means to support her family, she reached out to us for help. The Bread of Life has provided them with both food and clothing, including winter coats and shoes. In addition, we were able to furnish them with necessary personal care items and toiletries. 

Anna was overcome with emotion as she gratefully received the first bags of food and clothing from us. Through our community contacts we were also able to offer some gift cards to help pay for necessities and have connected Anna with other agencies for additional assistance. 

Anna, like any parent, simply yearns to feed, clothe, and take care of her child. Her son is just one of the more than 66,000 children in Westchester County who are hungry or food insecure. On behalf of Anna and all of us at the Bread of Life, we would like to thank all of you who support us in feeding the hungry in Westchester County. 

Donations can be made on our website:

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