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Better Together: Bread of Life Pantry provides both Food & Clothing

At Giving Tree Global we cherish relationships whether it is the people whom we feed, those who partner with us through food or financial donations, or charities that work alongside us.

One special charity that we are honored to work with is the Sharing Shelf, based in Portchester, NY. The Sharing Shelf was founded to address clothing insecurity and meet the basic material needs of low-income children and teens in Westchester County.

Now when families come to the on-site pantry at the Bread of Life to receive food, they can also sign up with one of our volunteers to receive clothing for their children from the Sharing Shelf.

Through this amazing partnership we have been able, not only to feed but also to clothe hundreds of children during the past few months.

Our thanks go out to our wonderful partners at the Sharing Shelf as well as to our new Spanish-speaking volunteers who have to helped to make all of this possible.

We are definitely better together!

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