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Rye Neighbors Magazine - Sherri and Pasquale Falco

By Pamela Caffray, Photo by Jessica Haley Photography

Sherri Falco has been a Rye resident for over 22 years. Originally she moved here because of its proximity to New York City for her work as an associate for the law firm of Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett, but it also seemed like a wonderful place to raise children.

Sherri and Pasquale have two children. Christopher is a junior at Yale University majoring in chemical engineering. Zachary is a freshman at Yale with an intended major in economics. Christopher’s passion lies in the field of green energy, particularly solar. He has published two articles in scientific journals and hopes to pursue research in this area as a career. Zachary is a born innovator and is involved in start-up clubs at Yale. He shares his brother’s passion for the environment and also has an interest in socially conscious business. Pasquale has two children from a previous marriage, Victoria and Nicholas, who live in White Plains.

Sherri and her husband are both ordained pastors and both are quite accomplished in many ways. Sherri is a Harvard-educated lawyer with an M.B.A in international business, an M.A. in Slavic Linguistics, and a B.A. in Russian and economics. If that’s not impressive enough, she also has a doctorate degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. During her career, she has been a finance manager for Procter & Gamble Germany, and a key member of the start-up team of Procter & Gamble Russia. But wait, there is more… Sherri also founded the Little Language League in Rye.

Pasquale is not only a pastor, but also a licensed contractor and gifted stonemason who has been self-employed for his entire life. Much of his work has been displayed in magazines such as Home and Garden and Architectural Digest. He built an impressive house for Carl Icahn and has done stonework for many wealthy and well-known people. Pasquale has established and grown two other businesses, including an irrigation company and a landscaping company.

“Both our family and the Bread of Life,” says Sherri, “are a testimony to the fact that God can create something beautiful out of something very painful. We were a pretty typical Rye family economically and in most other respects,” Sherri continues, “until one day my former husband took out the garbage and never came back. I found myself suddenly catapulted into world I did not know or understand. I did not know how to provide for my children,” Sherri continues.

“The Bread of Life food pantry initially grew out of our own struggle with food insecurity. Pasquale and I met just as my world and my life were falling apart,” Sherri says. “We shared a passion for sharing the love of God with others. We also believe that love looks like something. To the hungry, love looks like food.”

Sherri and Pasquale are very grateful for all of the support they have received from Rye residents. Sherri says, “The Rye community has rallied around both our family and the Bread of Life. Our home has become the place where the hungry come for food and the community comes to serve. We have received an outpouring of support from our neighbors and Rye residents. We simply could not do all of this without the support of the Rye community. Initially, Rye seemed like an unlikely place for a hunger charity. Now it seems like the perfect place. Truly Rye is a place like no other.”

Although Rye and the surrounding towns may not seem places in need of a food pantry, sadly there is a large percentage of families that go hungry every day. Consequently, the Falco house is busy seven days a week.

The community of Rye is blessed to have the Falco’s be a part of this town and appreciate all they do for so many.

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