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Giving of your Time and Talents!

One of the things about the Bread of Life that is so special is that it affords people of all ages the opportunity to use their time and talents to serve others. It is extra special when we see a family like the Tuckman’s do it together!

Earlier this year Remi, who is a talented artist, designed an image for our new sustainable bag to raise awareness about childhood hunger and then helped to sell the bags to family, friends, and our community at the Rye Farmers Market. Shay, his older brother, was so moved by his actions that he chose to do his Mitzvah Project with the Bread of Life and volunteered with his family at the Bread of Life food pantry. Shay, who witnessed his parents give money to a struggling single mom at the pantry, also wanted to provide for others and suggested family and friends donate to the Bread of Life to benefit those struggling with hunger or food insecurity, in lieu of gifts at his Bar Mitzvah.

It has been an honor to work alongside a special family like the Tuckman’s. God Bless them for their generosity!

Please contact Sue at if you are interested in purchasing one of Remi's beautiful bags!

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