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Kindness Comes Back

There are people who are just motivated to make a difference in the world. Those are the dreamers, who motivate and inspire others and who remain undeterred by the size of a problem. When you meet one of these people, you just know it.

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed about the Bread of Life and the issue of hunger and food waste by an unforgettable little 9- year old girl named Nora.

Nora’s enthusiasm was infectious and she seemed like she was not simply gathering facts about hunger, but also evaluating the range of possibilities as to what exactly could be done about it.

We at the Bread of life would like to thank Nora for her article in the Osborn School Newspaper entitled, Kindness Comes back. It highlighted, not only the Bread of Life, but also the role of food rescue in helping to resolve the problem of food insecurity.

Nora may be only nine years old, but she is already inspiring others to make the world a little better place, one act of kindness at a time.


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