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Reaching Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

We are fortunate to be located in a community where school leaders understand how important it is to teach our youth to care for others. In our performance driven society that places a high value on grades and achievements, it is refreshing to partner with schools who are working to instill the value of caring for others into our young people.

One such school is Rye High School. Dr William Meyer, the Assistant Principal and a group of students from the RHS Academy joined us during the month of December to volunteer during two consecutive pantries. The students braved the elements at our outdoor Rye onsite pantry and eagerly helped with any task that was needed. Some of them put together pantry bags for distribution, others stocked shelves, some students sorted clothing donations and a few were able to use their Spanish skills while communicating with some pantry clients. The can do attitude was very refreshing and each helped serve our clients wherever they were needed. It was a joy to have them come alongside us to serve those that are struggling in our community

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