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Wrapped in Love

If we had to use one phrase to describe the Bread of Life, it would be to love the one in front of you. We seek to demonstrate the unconditional love of God to people each and every day. Sometimes love looks like providing food to those who are hungry, other times it is providing clothing for a child, and still other times, it is praying for someone or listening to their story.

This week, thanks to our new partnership with Project Linus, we had the opportunity to literally wrap children in love with new, cozy blankets. The mission of Project Linus is to provide a sense of security, warmth, and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gift of a new handmade blanket created by volunteer “ blanketeers.”

We were able to bless many families with food, clothing and special handmade blankets. It was so wonderful to see all of the smiles. One special little girl lost her home, clothing and even toys to Hurricane Ida. She was so excited when we handed her a special fleecy tie-dye blanket! Her mom sent us this text:“ This evening my daughter ate the lasagna you provided for dinner and laid on the sofa with her new blanket. God Bless you for all you do.”

Sometimes a warm meal and a cozy blanket are what it means to love the one in front of you.

Thanks so much to Project Linus for helping us to wrap all the children in love!

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