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Love Never Fails

As the Bread of Life embarked on its first completely drive-through food pantry, nothing seemed to cooperate. We faced a shortage of masks and gloves and the weather prediction was for a cold and rainy day. The mask and glove shortage was quickly taken care of by a Good Samaritan in our community. The weather, however, was quite another story. First, it snowed--yes--snowed!--then it began a downpour which continued for the better part of the day. 

Our volunteers, however, were undaunted by either threat of sickness or weather, as they showed up to serve food and love to the hungry, one car at a time. Our volunteers, wearing gloves and masks,  put together bags of nonperishable items, fruits, vegetables and meat and then safely loaded them into the cars of each grateful recipient. They showed love and compassion to our neighbors when they needed it the most. We are so thankful for our dedicated  and courageous volunteers who have come beside us to feed our neighbors. They are truly superheroes! What will we remember when this crisis has finally passed? I think we will remember times like these--when love won. 

Food donations may be dropped off at 65 Orchard Avenue in Rye. Financial donations may be made via Venmo Bread Life @Bread-of-Life or


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