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Two Rye families lead by example

By Liz Leamy

In today’s world, there are many parents who hope their practice of modeling, time, generosity and helping serve others might indeed have a lasting and profound impact on the lives and behaviors of their children.

Certainly, there has been a cornucopia of inspirational stories in and around the local community proving this notion to be true, especially during the last several months during the pandemic, including the news of how two generous Rye families have stepped out to help others, indicating that how much a giving heart can impact the lives of others and demonstrate a way of life that most definitely can be passed onto children.

Below are their stories. 

The Harwood family has a golden impact on the community and Bread of Life organization 

The Harwood family has a golden impact on the community and Bread of Life organization 
The Harwood family

Courtney and Rammy Harwood of Rye have spent many years volunteering their time and generously donating in a financial capacity to the Bread of Life organization, with the belief that through their efforts, the concept of leading by example might impact their children in a profound and lasting way.

Over the past number of years, Harwood's daughter, Cameron, has actively participated in putting together food pantry bags for the Bread of Life organization.

This industrious and dynamic 12-year-old has, has in fact, become so committed to helping the Bread of Life that she enlisted the help of her good friend, Sloane Paul, to get involved with this all-important effort.

Several weeks ago, Cameron and Sloane started their own flower stand, setting it up in a way whereby half the proceeds would go toward the Bread of Life to help support their work to provide food and fight food insecurity in Westchester County.

“I cut flowers from my backyard, arranged them in mason jars and had a flower stand,” said Cameron Harwood.

Certainly, these young ladies have been making an impact on the community with their presence, efforts and recent floral stand initiative, something that has been a big blessing for the Bread of Life organization.

The Woolsey family centers their Bar and Bat Mitzvah projects around helping to fight hunger

The Woolsey family centers their Bar and Bat Mitzvah projects around helping to fight hunger
The Woolsey family

Last December, Daryl and Mark Woolsey of Rye had first volunteered with their family at the Bread of Life during the ‘Big Give,’ an annual fundraiser in town, in hopes of giving back to the community and providing an example of modeling the importance of action in regard to their two children, Miles,13, and Kira,12.

After one afternoon in which the family had spent time stocking shelves and putting together bags of groceries for local families for the Bread of Life, the Woolseys were so inspired they began to get further involved with this initiative.

At that point, the example of taking action in order to make an impact upon others appeared to affect both of their children in a lasting and profound way.

Miles and Kira also seemed to be so inspired and impacted by the results of their efforts that they decided to do their Bar and Bat Mitzvah Projects with the purpose to help the Bread of Life organization.

Over the past number of months, Miles and Kira have regularly been involved in rescuing bagels and pizza for the Bread of Life from generous local establishments involved with this Orchard Avenue-based organization.

In addition, they have both been volunteering a great deal of their time at the on-site Bread of Life pantry and have also been encouraging many of their friends and extended family members to get involved and/or donate their time and efforts to Bread of Life as part of their efforts. 

May God bless both of these young and generous individuals as they further embark on the path to celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in August.  

The entire Bread of Life organization is extremely grateful for the support of these wonderful and dedicated families, along with all of the other individuals who have partnered with us over the years and throughout this strenuous pandemic time.

Of course, the Bread of Life organization always welcomes input from individuals to submit and come up with ideas and ways to help continue engaging families, teens and all individuals of this special community in regard to this all-important effort.

We extend a big thank you to both of these families and everyone else who so generously gives of their time to the Bread of Life.

May God Bless you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

Food donations may be dropped off at 65 Orchard Avenue in Rye. Financial donations may be made via Venmo Bread Life @Bread-of-Life or

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